Elsa and anna toddlers play with their dog in the park and he gets sick! Asia and india take the dog to the vets to be sure he's fine. Can Barbie fix your dog at the vets? Still another dog requires Barbie's help, and Anna and Elsa toddlers receive an enjoyable surprise. Watch this video to learn what the surprise is, and enjoy watching the Anna an… Read More

Boost your horsepower numbers with these new turbo kits. It gobbles the high-pressure air coming off those four 81-mm turbos, custom-built for the project and producing 36 pounds of boost at full throttle. When the air separates from the back of the turbo compressor blades, this is in effect similar to the way in which an aircraft wing stalls”, w… Read More

Readers have enjoyed my past blogs on editing from home , making a better demo reel , and other video-editing articles , so now I'm sharing with you my favorite editing tricks that I find make for better cuts and ultimately make videos easier to watch. Keeping everything in separate folders and finding ways to identify the best takes before you sta… Read More

If you have been waiting to see two hot numbers engage in heavy rubber masked rubber sex, then your chance is coming up with the second part of Rubber Bathroom Fuck, Finger, Dildo, Mask Dressing, our next upcoming rubber video featuring rubber girls Barbara and Mia.After Diane's rubber climax it is Victoria's turn to get satisfied clad in rubber. B… Read More

Govinda's Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria, The Vegetarian & Vegan Italian experience. Our mission at Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill is to provide healthy, nutritious and satisfying food in a laid back ambience that evokes and keeps alive memories of Mexico and its traditions in our Mexican restaurants in Bangkok. With so many foods to try in Bangkok and… Read More